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Server consolidation is essential for running a datacenter efficiently. Consolidation enable:

  • Reduced server sprawl and physical server requirements
  • Better resource utilization and management
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Increased ROI 

Dell Oracle Solutions Engineering team recently conducted a performance study of the Dell PowerEdge R820 server for virtual environments. Primary focus of study was to:

  • Consolidate multiple legacy servers to PowerEdge R820 Servers.
  • Consolidate and run multiple oracle databases on a single PowerEdge R820 server using Oracle VM virtualization.

In the context of the performance study we chose Oracle VM as the virtualization technology. Oracle VM server was deployed on PowerEdge R820 and four Oracle virtual machines (VMs) were created. Oracle database software was installed on all four VMs.

In order to find out the performance delivered, all the four VMs were stress tested in parallel. Dell Quest Benchmark factory software was used to test the performance delivered in terms of user load supported, Query Response time. Below are some results of the performance study.



For additional detailed information about the test methodology used in this study and the results, read the whitepaper:


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