This article was written by Manjunatha Reddy MC, Krishna Kamal Kapa, Wendy Chen

Under Dell’s Enterprise Solutions group, our charter includes to build Pre-validated, efficient and Simplified IT solutions for customers. Today we are publishing new solution – “Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Using Dell Storage Snapshot Technologies”.

Backup and recovery for Oracle databases is always a challenge considering the huge size of databases and to meet the business SLA's. Also an efficient backup and recovery solution should not have any impact on application performance while reducing the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective    (RTO).  Storage-based snapshots are becoming the first line of defense in a growing number of enterprise data protection schemes. Storage snapshot technology allows customers to quickly backup and restore large amount of data without jeopardizing data integrity and performance.

Dell Storage-based snapshot data protection and recovery simplifies the backup and recovery challenges by providing continuous protection, zero impact to database performance and also with zero downtime to the application. The Storage Snapshot technologies available with Dell™ Compellent™, EqualLogic™, and PowerVault™ are discussed in detail.

Key Benefits of Dell storage snapshots are:

  • Leverage space-efficient snapshots to continuously protect network data from server failures, viruses, human error and other inevitable circumstances.
  • Take snapshots of initial writes and incremental changes only, not full-volume clones that consume excess disk space for near-instant recovery to virtually any point in time.
  • Recover most volumes to a server in less than 10 seconds using a simple point-and-click interface.

Most customers use storage snapshots for only backup purpose, our whitepaper covers how best Dell storage snapshots can be utilized in case of a point in time or a complete database recovery.

The key solutions discussed in the whitepaper using Dell storage snapshot technologies are

  • Offload Oracle RMAN backup from production server to backup server
  • Perform point-in-time database recovery
  • Perform complete database recovery with zero data loss

The conclusion of this whitepaper is how the integration of Dell storage snapshots and Oracle RMAN technology significantly cuts down recovery time and shorten backup window with very little performance impact on production application by offloading expensive backup operations from production host.


For detailed configuration, test environment and backup and recovery solutions please go through this whitepaper


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