I have been working on setting up a mobile lab using VMware workstation for a while now (it’s an ongoing process). But I came across the Windows Azure free trial and thought “why not?” so here we go.

After clicking “try it for free” and signing into your account

try it free

You are presented with a 3 step process to get going.  First step is letting you know what you’ll get and what you need to proceed. Notice that your 10 web sites and mobile services stay free after the trial period.

step 1

The next step is verifying your account with a text or phone call if you prefer.

step 2

Once your code has been verified you will enter billing information, but according to Microsoft all new customers signing up for the free trial have a default spending limit of $0 so no charges will occur.

spending limit

Then your done!


Login to your portal and start your 30 second tour on how the management portal works and then….start creating!


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Hope that helps! Leave a comment and tell me what you think :)

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