New Service was Launched last week. "Dell ProSupport Plus". Please take a look at this "Going to the End of the Earth" Video.

Dell Prosupport Plus

 Critical systems need more than break-fix support – they need proactive and preventative measures to get ahead of problems before they happen.

Dell ProSupport Plus combines expertise, technology and environmental intelligence to proactively improve the performance and stability of your critical systems, allowing you to focus on your strategic goals.

The five critical components of ProSupport Plus

 1) Dedicated Technical Account Manager

  • Your #1 support advocate at Dell, ensuring you have someone who knows you and your business.
  • Trusted advisor for support planning and technology decisions.
  • Leverages data collected by SupportAssist to improve performance and stability with proactive, personalized recommendations.
  • Serves as single point of contact for account management, escalation resolution and monthly reporting reviews.

2) Direct access to elite ProSupport Plus engineers

  • Immediate advanced troubleshooting from an elite ProSupport Plus engineer who will reduce downtime and lost productivity.
  • Deep and broad expertise across the full breadth of Dell enterprise products to enable comprehensive issue resolution.
  • Utilizes information collected through SupportAssist technology to gain visibility into the issue as well as configuration and diagnostic data.

3) Remote monitoring and automated support with SupportAssist

  • Remotely monitors enterprise systems through leading system management consoles
  • Accelerates resolution with notifications , automated case creation and proactive response.
  • Improve productivity by reducing time spent resolving issues.
  • Collects configuration information from your environment to identify critical patches and updates
  • Analyzes information across entire customer base, to identify trends and best practices. 

4) Monthly reporting and performance  recommendations

  • Monthly health checks enabled through SupportAssist provide critical updates and performance recommendations.
  • Monthly contract and support history reporting to aid in budgeting and planning.
  • Recommendations based on trends and best practices across the Dell customer base.
  • The full ProSupport Plus reporting suite is available only with the implementation of SupportAssist.

5) System maintenance

  • System maintenance is delivered as needed based on monthly reporting and performance recommendations
  • Flexible scheduling of service delivery – available 24/7.
  • Service is delivered based on your available maintenance window.
ProSupport Plus advantage