Dell PowerEdge C AMD servers: the most power-efficient AMD servers in the industry


Dell has achieved the two highest SPECpower benchmark results for all AMD-based servers! The PowerEdge C6105, a chassis that supports four 2-socket server nodes , has scored 4510 overall ssj_ops/watt, taking the #1 power-efficiency spot among all AMD-based results.  

Dell’s PowerEdge C6145, a chassis that supports two 4-socket server nodes, is only 11 points behind, with a score of 4499 overall ssj_ops/watt. Both of these results are more than 380 points better than the closest competitor!  

Dell enterprise servers continue to set power-efficiency records that competitors just can’t match.

The PowerEdge C6105 is a high-density, low cost, and extremely power-efficient AMD platform that is an ideal solution for dedicated hosting environments, Web farms or price-performance targeted clusters like Hadoop. With its small 2U form factor, the C6105 is perfect for any business, small to enterprise, where power efficiency and high performance are needed.

The PowerEdge C6145 is a high-core density, high memory density, and extremely power-efficient server that is ideal for HPC (Large Compute, GPU), Engineering Design Assessment (Large Memory) or Film/Entertainment (Rendering) applications. With its compact small 2U form factor, the PowerEdge C6145 is for enterprise customers requiring the highest AMD performance.

Dell continues to lead the way in power efficiency, and the PowerEdge C6105 and C6145 are the latest servers to prove it. For more information on how these SPECpower scores were achieved, check out the following whitepaper link.