Written by Daniel Turner, PowerEdge-C Systems Performance Engineer

Dell has achieved the world record for the most power-efficient modular servers once again. This time, the PowerEdge C5220, in a 12-node C5000 chassis, has scored 6000 SPECpower_ssj2008 overall ssj_ops/watt, taking the top power-efficiency spot among all modular (or multi-node) results. This score supplants the PowerEdge M620’s world record from last year. Dell again proves our commitment to setting the power-efficiency standard against which all others are measured.

The C5220 is a high-density, low cost, and extremely power-efficient platform that is an ideal solution for dedicated and virtual hosting, Web 2.0, or content delivery network (CDN) applications. With its relatively small 3U form factor, the C5220 is ideal for any business, small to enterprise, which wants the best bang-for-the-buck without a large footprint.

The C5220’s power-efficiency blows away the competition, with up to 80% better efficiency:

Note that Cisco hasn’t even published a SPECpower_ssj2008 result. We know why. Oracle claims their blades are energy-efficient, but they haven’t published results either. HP hasn’t submitted results on any Intel® platform since 2011! Why is that?

The data shows that Dell continues to lead the way in modular server power-efficiency, and the PowerEdge C5220 is the latest system to prove it.

Comparison based on multi-node results published on www.spec.org as of April 16 2013.  SPEC® and the benchmark name SPECpower_ssj® are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.  For more information about SPECpower, see www.spec.org/power_ssj2008/.