Welcome to the Day 2 Recap of the OpenStack Summit 2013 in Portland. 


Opening Keynote - Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director OpenStack Foundation

OpenStack is about building a platform ecosystem for clouds with servers, network, storage, orchestration and a common API;  a powerful general purpose technology like iOS and Android, as Jonathan explained: “One day we are going to see industries we all know, running services that we use every day on OpenStack. The Target day is: April 16th – right now, today.” Obviously, OpenStack is embracing “real” businesses instead of being only a community of developers – and enterprises love OpenStack back. Representatives from Bloomberg, BEST BUY and COMCAST explained how they are moving to the cloud, relying heavily on OpenStack, making services they sell to their customers faster and more reliable. Also, it’s encouraging to see how enterprises play open source right: Bloomberg made their Chef cookbooks publicly available at Github for all those who want to solve similar problems in their cloud environments.

Hadoop for OpenStack Log Analysis - Mike Pittaro, Dell Architect Cloud Solutions

Let's discuss Hadoop for OpenStack log analysis! Hadoop can support operational monitoring, troubleshooting, and capacity planning in a consistent and open way. We'll share the work we've started, and lead an interactive discussion of different approaches already in play. Our goal is to collaborate on the best patterns for different deployment environments.


Ross Turk, VP Community at Inktank

We spoke with Ross about Inktank, patron of Ceph – a storage solution for OpenStack unifying object and block storage.


Boris Renski, Co-Founder and EVP at Mirantis

Boris gave us a brief heads up on what’s cooking at Mirantis – the largest OpenStack system integrator globally.


Atul Jha, OpenStack India

We chatted with Atul (better known as Koolhead17 at Twitter) about the state of affairs OpenStack in India.


Matt Ray, Senior Technical Evangelist at Opscode

We met Matt to talk about Opscode, the company behind Chef, an open source system integration framework built specifically for automating the cloud.


John Griffith, Project Technical Lead OpenStack Cinder & SolidFire

We met John to talk about OpenStack block storage project Cinder as well as about Solidfire, a company that delivers a high performance SSD storage solution to cloud service providers.


Jorge Castro & Ben Kerensa of the Ubuntu Community

We let Jorge and Ben do the talking – about the Ubuntu community and Juju, the corresponding open source service orchestration tool.