Welcome to the first daily recap of the OpenStack Summit. Stephen Spector and I will post a daily recap of highlights of the day along with information from Dell sessions, keynotes, and various interviews with ecosystem solution providers. Be sure to follow us at @SpectorAtDell and @RafaelKnuth during the day for the latest OpenStack information. 

Dell Booth

The Dell booth contained several of our latest servers including new ARM servers as well as Project Sputnik laptops running the game Minecraft on an OpenStack cloud. Attendees had plenty of time to learn about Dell and OpenStack as well as play some Minecraft. We will do some videos tomorrow to provide more information on the solutions in the booth.


From Grizzly to Havana: A DevOps Upgrade Pattern with Rob Hirschfeld, Dell Distinguished Engineer

Rob discussed the issue of how operators can collaborate to determine best practices and create tools to properly handle upgrade procedures when moving from one OpenStack release to another. Rob has details on his ideas in a blog post “DevOps approaches to upgrade: Cube Visualization”.  The goal of Rob and the OpenStack team he works on is to get full community support for continuous deployment built-in with all future upgrade paths for OpenStack releases (major and minor).

Slides from Presentation on SlideShare


Vincent Untz, Project Manager at SUSE

We spoke with Vincent about SUSE's own OpenStack distribution, OpenSUSE, which is fully integrated with Dell's Crowbar deployment mechanism for OpenStack.




Noam Shendar, VP Business Development at Zadara Storage

We talked with Noam about the Zadara Storage Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA™) - an iSCSI/NFS storage array in the Cloud, connected to a customer's Cloud servers. Each VPSA has dual controllers (HA), dedicated drives and offers free choice of SSD, SAS or SATA drives. The VPSA can be managed in the same way as a SAN or NAS array in a datacenter.



Dan Dumitriu, Co-Founder and CEO at Midokura

We interviewed Dan about Midokura's network virtualization solution.



Joe Arnold, CEO at SwiftStack

We chatted with Joe about SwiftStack's Software Defined Storage for object storage. SwiftStack has leadership of the core OpenStack Swift team and has been involved with OpenStack since day one.



Joe’s video is in review and will be available in the next day or so.

I also spoke with Hui Cheng, OpenStack Board Member. Hui Cheng formerly worked as a technical lead for OpenStack at Sina Corporation, and he just recently started his own venture UnitedStack providing an OpenStack distribution specifically tailored for Chinese customers' needs. The interview will be transcribed and published after the OpenStack summit.

After Hours

As with any OpenStack conference there are plenty of evening parties to attend with both Dell and Red Hat hosting large gatherings today. There are also some small developer meetups where people have a chance to get to know each other and discuss specific topics. For example, CloudSoft hosted a food and drink session for about 30 developers interested in the HEAT project