The NIC Partitioning feature of CNAs allows administrators to organize multiple tasks on each port and intelligently distribute the full capacity of each port’s total bandwidth across the various partitions.

To read more about this feature, see this blog.

To find out which cards support this feature, see the table below.

 The following cards support partitioning for Lifecycle Controller 2
QLogic Broadcom
QMD8262 bNDC – D90TX 57810 bNDC – JVFVR
QLE8262 NIC – JHD51 57810 SFP+ NIC – N20KJ
QME8262 Mezz – 9Y65N 57810 Base-T NIC – W1GCR
57810 Mezz – 55GHP
57800 rNDC – MT09V


How do I tell if my server has one of these cards using Lifecycle Controller? See this blog.

Now that I know I have one of these cards, how do I set it up for partitioning? See this blog.

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