Congrats 2013 Dell TechCenter Rockstars!

Congrats 2013 Dell TechCenter Rockstars!


TechCenter is a community for IT professionals that focuses on Data Center and End User Computing best practices. Here you can learn about and share knowledge about Dell products and solutions.

Congrats 2013 Dell TechCenter Rockstars!

The Dell TechCenter Rockstars program recognizes IT professionals for being experts on Dell solutions and services and rewards their contributions to online technical conversations on, in social media, or on the Rockstars' personal blogs.  

Our inaugural 2012 Dell TechCenter Rockstars program was a great success and it was a very rewarding and fun experience to interact with the many talented  IT pros in the program both online and in person at Dell events.  To continue that success and to further strengthen bonds between the Dell TechCenter team and its community members, we are expanding the 2013 DTC Rockstars program.

Today, we'd like to announce the 43 outstanding individuals picked for the 2013 Dell TechCenter Rockstars program.  Below you will find the names of our DTC Rockstars and links to their social media accounts so that you can learn more about them and their expertise.

May I have a drumroll please......


2013 Dell TechCenter Rockstars - IT Professionals

Andreas Erson
Corey Betka
Dustin Hedges
Kirk Jantzer
Jay Weinshenker
Jonathan Franconi
Todd Muirhead
Rod Trent
Michael Davis
Tom Heskestad
Gerry Forde
Luigi Danakos
Rasmus Haslund
Shawn Cannon
Masahito Kimura
Yuji Sekiya
Yukio Yoshida
Jonathan Copeland
Didier Van Hoye
Tim Antonowicz
Roger Lopez
Rick Ashford
Pete Koehler
Dave McCrory

In addition to Dell customer / partner advocates that help promote the community, this year we will highlight many at Dell who take time out of their busy jobs to help us grow our community and to assist Dell Enterprise customers worldwide. Below is our list of Dell Employee Rockstars and links to the sections on TechCenter that they represent.


2013 Dell TechCenter Rockstars - Dell
Warren Byle - (Dell Enterprise Client)
Krishnaprasad K - (Virtualization)
Joe Garza - (Dell Enterprise Client)
Lani Dame - (Converged Infrastructure)
Brian Gautreau - (Hyper-V)
Rod Mercado - (Dell Networking)
Sarah Vela - (Dell PowerEdge Servers)
Matt Paul - (Dell vCenter Plugin for VMware vCenter)
Jason Boche - (Dell Compellent)
Roger Foreman - (Dell Systems Management)
Greg Ramsey - (Microsoft Systems Center Client Management)
Steven Zessin - (Dell Lifecycle Controller)
Sam Needham - (Dell OEM)
Gina Minks - (Data Protection, Dell Storage)
Ajith George - (OpenManage Connections and Integrations - Systems Management)
Florian Klaffenbach - (Microsoft, Cloud & Dell TechCenter Germany)
Michael Schroeder - (Windows Server 2012)
Rob Cox - (Dell OpenManage Essentials)
Steven Spector - (Dell Cloud Services)
Please join us in congratulating all of our 2013 Rockstars!

Thanks to the Rockstars for all they have done to add to the online discussions about Dell solutions. We're looking forward to another great year of community building and great IT related conversation.

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