This week’s highlight: Inktank Spring Webinar Series and Registration:

The End of RAID as We Know It with Ceph Replication
Did you know that with Ceph you do not have to use RAID? (recorded)

April 4th – Ceph Unified Storage with CloudStack
Did you know that when using Ceph Unified Storage with CloudStack, Ceph is the one stop shop for both object and block storage?  Find out more when Wido den Hollander, Co-Founder at 42ON describes how CloudStack works and how Ceph is the best storage for the cloud.    

April 10th – Technical Deep Dive into Ceph Object Storage

Also, check out Inktank’s new resource page. Here you will find case studies, white papers, data sheets, videos and presentations all around Ceph and Inktank. This is a great educational resource for you to keep handy while you are building your Ceph clusters. Resource Page:



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