Dell EqualLogic Configuration Guide ( ECG ) Updated to version 14.1

Dell EqualLogic Configuration Guide ( ECG ) Updated to version 14.1


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Dell EqualLogic Configuration Guide ( ECG ) Updated to version 14.1

Hello EQL Family,

I am proud to announce that the EqualLogic Configuration Guide (ECG)
has been updated to version 14.1.

The EqualLogic Configuration Guide (ECG) is a valuable tool used for
planning, deploying, and managing EqualLogic SANs.

Latest version of EqualLogic Configuration Guide

What’s changed from version 13.4 to the newest version, version 14.1

  • Added Chapter 14 - Data Center Bridging
  • Added volume limits for Synchronous Replication table 3
  • Modified section 7.1.2 and section 7.2
  • Changed all references in tables in Chapter 4, to read PS41x0
    and PS61x0
  • Added notebox section 5.1
  • Updated Appendix D – EqualLogic Upgrade Paths

The most significant change to the ECG is the addition of chapter 14,
which is focused on Data Center Bridging (DCB).

What Does This Mean To You?

I/O convergence using DCB for Dell EqualLogic iSCSI storage is the future
direction for “Converged iSCSI” in a lossless Ethernet environment.

Without DCB, it is typical to dedicate a separate physical network infrastructure 
for SAN traffic to guarantee the infrastructure for bandwidth and performance.

A converged network includes carrying both SAN and other network traffic 
such as server LAN on a single network infrastructure.

iSCSI can be converged with non-storage based server LAN traffic,
allowing the network ports and the inter-connecting links to carry multiple
traffic types or protocols.

A DCB enabled converged Ethernet infrastructure includes the NIC/CNA on the
end-devices (servers and storage arrays) along with the switching infrastructure.

Additionally, this new chapter has links to our latest Best Practice white papers
for designing, implementing, and deploying DCB environments with EqualLogic
storage arrays.

Look for next update to the ECG in June 2013.

Why Should I Download The Latest Version ?

To ensure you have the most current information.

Go ahead and click the link to download the latest ECG, version 14.1:

Four major reference documents from EqualLogic Technical Marketing Team:

If you have recommendations or things that you would like to see in the ECG,
feel free to leave comments or Email me and I would be happy to take those
into consideration for the next update.

Twitter:    @GuyAtDell

Until next time,


Click the link below to access the Storage Infrastructure and Solutions  (SIS) 
Team publications library. Which has all of our Best Practice White Papers,
Reference Architectures, and other EQL documents:



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  • Nice blog Guy.  I'm really happy to see that this will be happening.  I will be tweeting these out as you do them for sure!