What happened to the Keyboard Macros on iDRAC7 ?

What happened to the Keyboard Macros on iDRAC7 ?


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What happened to the Keyboard Macros on iDRAC7 ?

This blog post has been written by Dave Collier and Ananthanarayanan AK from iDRAC team.

When using the iDRAC7 virtual Console, you may find that many of the macros you’ve become accustomed to using have disappeared. Where did they go?

 With the release of the iDRAC7 1.30.30 firmware or later, many of the macros have been eliminated. They’ve been replaced by an enhanced Pass all keystrokes to server feature, which is now enabled by default. With this new design, in most cases, rather than having to break your normal workflow by going to the virtual Console Macros menu, you can now just use your keyboard as if you were working directly on the server. The Macro keys are now only required when your client operating system would intercept the keystrokes instead of allowing them to pass. Since different client operating systems intercept different keystrokes, the virtual Console Macro menu is now client OS context sensitive, listing only the keystroke combinations that the client OS will intercept and act on. For example the Macros menu for all clients will show the <Ctrl><Alt><Del> and <Alt><SysRq>b key combinations. Linux clients add a cascade menu for <Ctrl><Alt><Fn> keys. Mac OS clients have the two standard key combinations plus 5 others.

The Pass all keystrokes to server feature can be disabled by going to the Tools menu, selecting Session Options and clearing the feature checkbox.

Note that, even if the Pass all keystrokes to server feature is disabled in this manner, when the virtual Console window is put in full-screen mode, all keystrokes will be passed to the server (temporarily re-enabling the feature). Also note that the state of the Pass all keystrokes to server feature is not persistent; each time virtual Console is launched, the feature will be defaulted to on.

We at Dell hope you find this enhanced and refined key combinations and Pass all keystrokes to server feature to streamline your server management processes. Please give us feedback on how we’re doing and what new features you’d like to see.

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  • Seriously, this "feature" really jacks up my keyboard... stuck Windows key etc...

  • Seriously, this "feature" really jacks up my keyboard... stuck Windows key etc...

  • Seriously, this feature really jacks up my keyboard... stuck Windows key etc...

  • Please at least give the functionality of creating custom macros.  This 'feature' makes it virtually impossible to get a linux server to crash dump (Alt+SysRQ+c), especially when using a Linux workstation to access the iDrac interface.  With definable macros I could at least create the custom Macro to send this key combination without crash dumping my workstation instead.

    Disgruntled Linux Admin debating a new hardware vendor now

  • this "pass all to server" does not work for my workflow, which uses linux - ctrl-alt-f4 doesnt get passed properly

  • this does not work when I am on an ubuntu machine, remoting to a windows 2012R2 server, then running the remote console there.  It thinks im in windows and doesnt catch "ctlr-alt-f1" - and that switches out my base os (ubuntu) to a text console instead of the R630 guest on idrac8 remote console.

    I want macros back or I'll have to use something other than dell for my enterprise remote work