This blog post has been written by Dave Collier from the iDRAC team.

With the release of iDRAC7 1.30.30 and later firmware for iDRAC7 on the 12th generation PowerEdge Servers, you no longer have to use the F9 key to exit Single Cursor mode. In fact, the Escape key is now the default to exit Single Cursor mode, but this is configurable.

 For those unfamiliar with Single Cursor Mode, depending on your Virtual Console’s mouse acceleration and your host system’s operating system (and configuration), there may be times when two mouse cursors are displayed on the Virtual Console. A quick and easy way to address this is to switch to Single Cursor Mode in the Virtual Console. To switch to Single Cursor mode, go to the Virtual Console’s Tools menu and select Single Cursor. Once in single cursor mode, the client cursor will be hidden;  only the managed host’s cursor will be displayed, and that cursor will be captured within the boundaries of the Virtual Console window. In order to reactivate the client’s cursor (to work outside the boundaries of the Virtual Console window) you’ll need to exit Single Cursor mode.

 As explained above, the Escape key is now the default for exiting Single Cursor mode. You may decide that the Escape key is not the best choice for the way you work… If that’s the case and you want to change the key, here’s how to do it: In Virtual Console, open the Tools menu and select Session Options. Click on the Mouse tab, and in the Termination Key field, select the key you want to use, then click Apply.

We at Dell hope you find that this feature enhancement helps streamline your server management processes. Please give us feedback on how we’re doing and what new features and enhancements you’d like to see.

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