I am a systems engineering in Dell Enterprise Solutions working on database and business intelligence solutions. One of the projects I work on is the Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance which is packaged with a Boomi subscription. My team has recently started working with Boomi on a proof of concept surrounding US patent office data, Boomi, Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance, and Toad products that were released as a series of wiki articles on Dell TechCenter in May of 2013, the link to the initial episode can be found here The Dell Business Intelligence Project Using USPTO Data: Episode 1. With the large array of features and tools available in Boomi it was hard to know where to begin as a new user.

There is a lot of content about Dell Boomi including here in Dell TechCenter and a wide range of training material from the Boomi team located at here Boomi training. However we could not find many videos or guides for new users. With this in mind we created the 2 videos below to help new and potential Dell Boomi users get familiar with the environment.

Video 1 shows you how to install the Boomi Atom

Video 2 demonstrates how to use the atom by creating an environment, building simple process, deploying that process and executing on the atom

We hope this helps you on your journey into the world of Dell Boomi. For more information on the products mentioned above please view the following links:

Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance


Dell Boomi

www.boomi.com, www.DellTechcenter.com/cloud, http://www.youtube.com/user/boomitraining

Dell Quest

www.quest.com, www.DellTechcenter.com/quest, www.toadworld.com/qsdw


Demo creation and video capture

Video editing and narration

Uyen Nguyen   

System Engineer

Dell | Global Solutions Engineering             

Robert Pound   

System Engineer

Dell | Global Solutions Engineering