The Dell Linux Engineering team is proud to announce support for Ubuntu Server on PowerEdge & PowerEdge-C servers by Canonical. Though we have worked with Canonical for years to certify Dell PowerEdge servers and peripherals with the latest Ubuntu releases, we are enhancing our collaboration efforts that will allow us to work closer together on fixing bugs and implementing value-add features for our customers.

This enhanced collaboration effort will also allow Dell and Canonical to work closer together with our hardware partners to ensure improved functionality and support for devices such as storage and network controllers. If you are deploying Ubuntu Server on Dell PowerEdge or PowerEdge-C, you can be confident that Dell and Canonical will be able to effectively support your needs going forward.

For additional information, visit the Dell TechCenter Wiki.

Certified hardware

The Dell Linux engineering team has worked with Canonical to certify all 12th & 11th Generation Dell PowerEdge and PowerEdge-C servers with the latest Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long-Term Support) release. You can view the Ubuntu Support Matrix or go to the Canonical hardware certification site for additional information, including a list of what specific devices (i.e. chipset, NIC) were certified with each server.

If you don’t see a specific device listed in the hardware certification site, it doesn’t imply it’s not supported. If you have specific certification requirements and you have purchased a support contract, please contact Canonical or your Dell support representative for assistance.


The Dell Linux Engineering team will continue releasing unsupported builds of OpenManage for Ubuntu. Please note that even though we have tested all available OpenManage releases on a wide array of PowerEdge servers without major issues, some features may not be fully functional.

Where to get support

Ubuntu support contracts from Canonical are available from your Dell sales representative or directly from Canonical through the Ubuntu Advantage program. In addition, best-effort support from Dell is available with your Dell ProSupport contract.

Additional help

For questions and general discussion, you can always write to our mailing list Linux-PowerEdge where Dell Linux engineers, support teams and customers discuss Linux issues on PowerEdge servers. We encourage and value your feedback.