This week’s OpenStack highlight: “Bring on the Crazy: Zero to Book in Five Days” by Anne Gentle Enjoy!


Datameer: “Discover Big Data with Datameer” - Road Show

Datameer: “Hadoop as a Data Hub: A Sears Case Study” - Webinar

Datameer: “Enabling More Access to Big Data Insights” - Analyst Report

Pentaho: “Improving Customer Support using Hadoop and Device Data Analytics”

Pentaho: “Is your Hadoop cluster big enough to hold your development team’s ego?”


Food Fight Show: “Food Fight 41 - Saving the World With DevOps, Big Data, and HPC”

Food Fight Show: “Food Fight Show 42 - Chef 11”

Food Fight Show: “Food Fight Show 43 - Adaptive Fault Detection”

Canonical: “Ubuntu phone, tablet at Mobile World Congress”

Cloudscaling: “IBS DataFort Chooses OpenStack-Based Open Cloud System for Public Elastic Cloud Infrastructure Deployment”

Cloudscaling: “Simplicity Scales: The Cloudscaling Engineering Blog” by Randy Bias

Cloudscaling: “VMware vs. Amazon … ROUND TWO … FIGHT! — VMW Conceding Impotence?” by Randy Bias

OpenStack Foundation: “Bring on the Crazy: Zero to Book in Five Days” by Anne Gentle

OpenStack Foundation: “Hyderabad OpenStack Meetup 03-31-2013”

Opscode: “ChefConf 2013 - Conference Overview”

Opscode: “ChefConf 2013 - Register for Conference”

Opscode: “Announcing #ChefConf 2013 Keynotes, Sponsors, and Awards” by Nathan Harvey

Opscode. “Managing cloud infrastructure is easy when you have the cheat code” by Lucas Welch

Mirantis: “OpenStack Cloud and Healthcare” by David Fishman

Rackspace DevOps Blog:”How I Learned Ruby on Rails” by Bret McGowen


“Crowbar 2 BDD Training 2013-03-01” by Rob Hirschfeld - Personal Youtube Channel

“Crowbar 2 Planning 2013-02-28” by Rob Hirschfeld - Personal Youtube Channel

“5 things keeping DevOps from playing well with others (Chef, Crowbar and Upstream Patterns by Rob Hirschfeld - Personal Blog


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