Before deploying end user systems, companies need to load their corporate image comprising of software, applications and Operating System on to these machines. Due to frequent changes in platform and hardware configurations, organizations end up using multiple corporate images, leading to complexities of creating and maintaining them.

This is where Dell Configuration Service steps in. By providing factory imaging solutions, Dell helps you in various ways:

  • Simplifies large deployments by reducing downtime and improving end user experience.
  • Helps standardize images used by companies, automating management of a single image that works across multiple platforms and departments, thereby saving cost.
  • The repeatable production process ensures consistent configurations in the environment. Also helps in meeting licensing and compliance requirements.
  • Saves time and effort of IT staff by reducing post deployment support calls.

Dell Imaging Services provides various levels of image load and management services depending on the complexity involved.

Dell Custom Image Load – You can provide your static corporate image which gets loaded in the factory on all units purchased by you. This saves time and duplication effort for your IT staff.

Dell ImageDirect – It is a cloud based self-service portal that allows you to produce a single cross-platform image available for load in Dell factories. You can also manage your system images online and update them as and when required. You can choose a clean OS template available online or upload your own custom image. ImageDirect enables further customization of the OS image, application of patch updates and customization of application settings for various groups of users. Once you validate the final corporate image, it is downloaded to systems in the factory.

There are several benefits of using Dell ImageDirect:

  • Saves Time: ImageDirect significantly reduces image build and installation time, making IT staff more productive. High Speed File Transfer minimizes file transfer wait for image upload and downloads.
  • Reduces Complexity: Provides a single cross-platform image which can be applied across new platforms and user groups.
  • Simplifies Hardware Transitions: Adding new platforms to an existing image is fast and easy, so there is no need to rework images due to new platform releases and transitions.
  • Reliability & Consistency: Before deploying the image, we can validate its integrity, that it is virus free and contains the latest security patches and drivers.
  • Future Enhancements: Updated images remain available for future enhancements in a secure cloud based environment.
  • Secure Data Center Environment: Provides user-specified access levels ensuring data stored in ImageDirect is available only to authorized individuals.

Dell ImageDirect is available in five languages – English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Dell X-Image – Dell engineers help you create and maintain a single multi-platform image that can be applied to legacy and new systems, as well as systems from other vendors.

Image Consulting – Dell imaging consultants can help you develop and maintain static images or full custom images for your organization. Incorporating best practices into image management protocol, Dell consultants can improve the technical design of image by applying state of the art technology.

Dell consultants can also help with on-going image maintenance:

  • Changes to service pack levels.
  • Security-related patches and updates.
  • Software updates and changes.
  • Addition or removal of software applications.
  • Configuration settings and changes.


Images and applications are difficult to configure and maintain. Network bandwidth can also be overwhelmed when deploying large numbers or to branches and remote employees. Dell Imaging Service significantly reduces image build and deployment time. It also simplifies deployment by automating user state migration so that the technician can initiate and complete the final installation tasks by turning on the new system, connecting it to the old system and interacting with the Light-touch Installation Wizard.

With infinite ‘What-if’ capability Dell Imaging Service enables you to experiment with your corporate image until you achieve perfection, so that what you see if what you get.