New enterprise products can be challenging to integrate into any IT environment. You want to maximize the performance of your new systems while minimizing business interruptions and costs. Dell’s comprehensive suite of deployment services will get you from purchase order to production faster than they ever thought possible.


  • Dell performs thousands of Server, Storage and Network deployment projects per month.
  • Over 20 years of experience globally across major market segments
  • Experts in heterogeneous hardware & software integration.

What Dell brings:

  • Expert Solution Design - Let Dell help Design and Document your solution – while you focus on your strategic business initiatives
  • Factory Customization - Provisioning servers with ImageDirect eliminates the base configuration work stream which saves, on average, up to 64% of total. This is new technology coming soon, however customers can leverage server configuration in our factory today.
  • Deployment Options – Dell offers a suite of deployment options including, remote, cloud and onsite
  • Project Management - Sit back while Dell installs your hardware and executes the design
  • Knowledge Transfer - Once the solution is installed – you can arrange your staff to review the completed Solution with the Dell Engineer.
  • We configure storage systems for maximum capacity and performance
  • Server Integration provides quick installation and provisioning of new servers
  • Network Integration optimizes switches and routers
  • Project Management: Dell experts supervise every phase of deployment
  • We analyze the IT environment and identify the full scope of the project
  • We test the overall functionality and production readiness of the solution
  • Product orientation to help customers understand the new storage solution