Are you an IT administrator?  Do you have Dell PowerEdge 12th or 11th generation servers and enjoy the automatically and remotely server deployment and management provided by Dell's LifeCycle Controller (LC)?

If your answer is yes, do you know your server deployment and management workflow can be optimized and your server deployment time can be greatly reduced?

Or you manage a data center with many servers and are still struggling with conventional way of server deployment and management since the conventional way of server deployment and management can be tedious, need physical access to the servers, not automatic, and is error prone? 

No matter what, if you have Dell PowerEdge 12th or 11th generation servers, you should have already been impressed by the powerful function of the remote API exposed by Dell's LifeCycle Controller (LC) and enjoyed the convenience brought by its powerful capability in server deployment and management.  Dell LC provides programmatically, remotely, and automatically server deployment and management by using WSMAN / winrm command.  By following our Best Practice Guide, you probably have written your workflow for your server deployment and management.  Your server deployment and management is automatic and remote now.  You save a lot of time in server deployment and management and it is never error prone.  

Sounds everything is so good now?  However, believe me that things can be even better!

Dell has published a whitepaper on Workflow Optimization.  The white paper tells you in details how to optimize workflow.

The following is a summary of what you are going to find in this white paper:

  • Classify jobs into three different classes
  • Divide a job into different subjobs
  • Stack jobs/subjobs
  • Detailed steps to optimize the workflow  based on job classification, subjobs and job/subjob stack
  • General optimization rules
  • List of  subjobs of each known individual job, such as FCoE boot, iSCSI boot etc

By following these steps, you can optimize your workflow and greatly reduce your server deployment and management time.  Depending on your workflow, your server deployment may be 2 – 3 times faster after workflow optimization. 

Too good to be true?  Follow the detail steps in the white paper and try by yourself!

See the full article in this whitepaper:

Workflow Optimization

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