by Dianne Roman, Enterprise Customer Loyalty

In February 2012, Enterprise Customer Loyalty posted a blog titled “Firmware Upgrade and Software Quality: Minimizing Network Downtime” highlighting the importance of proactive knowledge sharing and new product testing and validation to improve our customers’ networking experience.  Shortly thereafter, the Enterprise Solutions Networking team rolled out a plan to drive and track 18 key End-to-End (E2E) ‘customer experience’ initiatives to improve easy access to critical information and resources around our PowerConnect products. Specifically,

  • Firmware Quality
  • Lack of organized and consistent documentation (reference architectures, white papers, deployment guides)
  • Dell networking configuration issues
  • Gaps in configuration and deployment support (telephone, knowledge base articles, and documentation)

Between July and November 2012, 15 of 18 initiatives have been implemented.

Key wins include:

  • E2E Firmware and Interoperability extended testing for development and sustaining products.
  • Creating whitepapers and how-to videos for general info, setup/configuration & firmware upgrade to provide critical, easy to use information to enable customers to troubleshoot issues on their own; ultimately reducing the number of customer related calls.
  • Creating reference architectures and deep deployment guides to ensure products are correctly positioned so the customers are getting the right tools for the job.

Also, industry data (Source: HBR July 2010) indicate customers are twice as likely to be promoters when their effort to resolve a technical support issue is low therefore continued emphasis on educating our customers and providing them with tools to become self-sufficient in troubleshooting issues is vital to improving overall perception of our Network product quality.  We will continue to accelerate our pace to deliver reference architecture, configuration guides, and training videos that align with our customers’ IT needs and expectations.  

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your networking or PowerConnect experience, let us know or post your idea on