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Dell Server Management Pack Suite: Feature Management Dashboard is not populated with the available features or is empty


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Dell Server Management Pack Suite: Feature Management Dashboard is not populated with the available features or is empty

The Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1 for Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager, System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 R2 and System Center Essentials (SCE) 2010 enables the monitoring of Dell Systems, Dell Remote Access Controllers (DRAC) and Dell Chassis Management Controllers (CMC). The management packs provide Dell-specific views that you can use to observe and drill down the system status in a network. Feature Management dashboard provides a view to manage the features available in the Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1. The following are the features:

1.       Chassis Modular Server Correlation

2.       Chassis Monitoring

3.       DRAC Monitoring

4.       Server (In Band) Monitoring

5.       Server (Out of Band) Monitoring

The feature management dashboard is a part of the Feature Management Pack that gets imported automatically during the installation of the Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1.

This blog post is intended to help customers who are experiencing the problem of Feature Management dashboard being empty or not being populated with the available features.


Problem: after installing the Dell Server Management Pack suite 5.0.1 and on launching the SCOM (OpsMgr) console, the Feature Management Dashboard under Dell folder is shown empty (refer screenshot below.)



To populate the Feature Management Dashboard, run the installer on all the Management servers. As a pre-requisite, the Feature Management Dashboard requires that the Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1 be installed on all the management servers.

After installing the Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1, the Feature Management Dashboard will be populated with all the features in the subsequent discovery cycle (that may take up to a day which is the normal schedule.) To get it to update faster than the normal discovery cycle, please refer the next section below.

After the discoveries run, your Feature Management dashboard should look like the screenshot below.

Faster update of the Feature Management Dashboard:

Alternatively, you could override the following:


  1. Dell Registry based Server Management Suite Discovery interval seconds to a minimum of 10 minutes.
  2. Dell Feature Management Host Discovery interval seconds to a minimum of 15 minutes.

After overriding the discoveries, please wait for 5 minutes before overriding the below rule.


  1. MonitoringFeature Discovery Periodic Trigger Rule to a minimum of 10 minutes.

Please save the overrides in a management pack and delete it after the Feature Management Dashboard gets updated. This will set the workflows to the normal schedule intervals.

Note: if the overrides are not deleted, the related workflows will be scheduled at the intervals specified by the overrides causing the resource consumption to go high on the Management Server.

Additional alternative:

The Feature Management dashboard packaged with the EqualLogic MP suite does not have the pre-requisite of installing the MP suite on all the Management servers. So, installing the Feature Management Dashboard using the EqualLogic MP suite is another alternative.

Useful documents/ links:

  1. Please refer Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1 Install Guide for more details.

Dell TechCenter link for blogs, videos, whitepapers on Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1.


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  • For SCOM 2012 SP1:

    Note that in order to import the MPs using the Feature Management dashboard on SCOM 2012 SP1, you will need to install the "Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2012 Service Pack 1" from Microsoft:

  • Hello,

    I just installed the Dell Server MP and followed the instructions to override the MP and also installed the SCOM update rollup; however, the Feature Management Dashboard remains empty.

    Besides installing the Dell Server MP through the installer (no other MPs, just Dell Base Hardware Library, Dell Feature Management and Dell Operations Library Common) and following the instructions in this post, is there anything else needed to install and configure in order to have the Management Dashboard to populate, or is it supposed to be empty by default.

    Thanks ad have a good day.

  • Hi,

       Can you tell me whether you are able to see the log files created. If so what is the information they are giving.

  • There's a new version 5.1 of the Server MP suite released. This simplifies many of the install related concerns: it needs to be installed only on one MS to get the dashboard.

  • Link correction