Dell TechCenter is pleased to have Rick Ashford from SUSE Linux join us on March 19th for our Tech Tuesday Chat. Rick has been a Technical Sales Specialist for SUSE Linux since 2008. He has been working with Linux and open-source software since 1998, and currently specializes in the OpenStack cloud platform and the SUSE ecosystem surrounding it. Rick lives in Round Rock, TX with his wife and two children.

SUSE Studio is a web application for building and testing software applications in a web browser. It supports the creation of physical, virtual or cloud-based applications. It is available as an online or onsite version, which enables you to build your own application images or appliances based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

It is designed to help you build, configure and maintain portable and cloud-enabled application images or appliances, to reduce the complexity, maintenance and support costs of software deployments. Within a couple of clicks, you decide if you would like to deploy a new or existing application to a physical, virtual and/or cloud environment. The ability to leverage one new or existing application for various environments dramatically improves the efficiency of deploying and maintaining applications.

SUSE Studio is a tremendous aid when it comes to reducing complexity. SUSE Studio leverages the appliance form-factor and allows you to effectively decouple the software installation from the underlying layer. This eliminates many of the version and patch management issues that you have to deal with normally. This can also help you standardize your applications to further reduce time, costs and maintenance for software applications deployed into your environment.

We look forward to seeing you on our TechCenter Chat and to the conversations that will follow.