Recently we had been discussing why Dell EqualLogic hybrid arrays are well-suited for desktop virtualization. We also took a detailed look how the EqualLogic hybrid blade arrays form the cornerstone of an integrated, converged solution for VDI.

But how do these hybrid arrays compare with industry’s leading storage solutions for VDI? A recent Principled Technologies report attempts to answer that question.

Principled Technologies evaluated two VDI solutions – one from EqualLogic and another from the leading SAN storage solution provider in the industry – for a realistic customer scenario. They considered an IT organization that is deploying virtual desktops for 800 task workers. The organization had requirements of 10GB of storage capacity per user and throughput capacity of seven to eight IOPS per desktop.

Principled Technologies developed a solution for these requirements with VMware View using a Dell EqualLogic PS6110XS hybrid array for one configuration and the industry-leading SAN storage solution for another configuration. All other elements of the two configurations were identical. To make an equitable comparison, the industry-leading SAN storage solution contained similar number of SSDs and HDDs with approximately same usable storage capacity, as well as fast caching solution that tiers data for VDI workloads similar to EqualLogic automatic data tiering.

Principled Technologies tested both configurations using Login VSI software that measured end-user performance in all desktops. They also compared cost, system performance, power consumption, ease of deployment and operational management efficiency for both the solutions in this scenario. For an 800-desktop VDI environment, Principled Technologies found the following:

  • The Dell EqualLogic PS6110XS-based solution cost $102 per desktop; the competing industry-leading, similarly-configured SAN cost $175 per desktop; therefore, customers receive 42% savings with EqualLogic over the competition.
  • Both EqualLogic PS6110XS and the competing solution performed similarly, as demonstrated by the Login VSI software and other system performance metrics.
  • The Dell EqualLogic PS6110XS solution consumed 20% less power.
  • The Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN storage array was very simple to setup and monitor.

Principled Technologies concluded that the Dell EqualLogic PS6110XS hybrid iSCSI SAN array is the better VDI storage solution than the industry-leading SAN storage solution as it costs 42% less, performs similar to the other solution while consuming 20% less power, and is easier to deploy and manage.

Check out the report for all the details.