Around mid-year last year Dell announced its first Force10 product for the Dell M1000e Bladed system, the Force10 MXL 10/40GbE switch.  Now we are taking it a step further and showing you how easy it is to incorporate this switch into your Cisco Nexus environment, with the release of the “Deploying the Dell Force10 MXL on a Cisco Nexus Network” whitepaper.  This guide provides in depth detail on using an MXL in a Cisco Network and its advantages.

   -Advantages of MXL…

  • The MXL provides same interoperability with Cisco Nexus 5500 Series ToR
  • The MXL is a high density device allows customers to connect to 32 server ports from a converged switch.
  • The MXL provides a local switching/East-West advantage
    • Reduced cables and components
    • 40GbE uplinks/stacking with the MXL
  • The MXL is built on a scalable architecture for growth
  • The MXL is part of the Converged Blade Data Center, announced in June 2012
    • Pre-certified architecture with proven Dell Servers & Storage


I also suggest you take a look at the blog Kevin Houston wrote on for a look at some of the more advanced topics covered in this whitepaper.