This week’s highlights: Q&A with Drew Schulke Marketing Director – Dell Data Center Solutions on the Open Compute Project and OpenStack Board of Directors Talks: Episode 6 with Tim Bell, Infrastructure Manager at CERN.

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Q&A with Drew Schulke Marketing Director – Dell Data Center Solutions on the Open Compute Project

Can you describe briefly what the Open Compute Project is about? 
The Open Compute Project was initiated by Facebook almost two years ago in an attempt to establish an open source hardware movement around the data center.

What is Facebook’s motivation to drive this initiative?
Facebook believes that making details of their hardware solution public (and available for anyone to purchase) will foster an innovation cycle similar to what was seen in the open source software movement.  End users can take what was done by Facebook, make suggestions to improve the solution over time.

Who is participating in the Open Compute Project?
The better question is who is not participating.  If you look at the server hardware ecosystem, almost everyone is represented.  Server vendors.  CPU vendors.  Memory vendors.  Hard-drive vendors.  At the most recent event the number of supplier was an order of magnitude larger than the number of end-users.

What’s Dell’s motivation to join and support the Open Compute Project?
Dell has long believed in open standards, and Open Compute is clearly interested in that as well.  Beyond that, there are Dell customers interested in deploying components of Open Compute and want to work with us to make those a reality.

Facebook expects servers to be “efficient, very, very cheap and reliable”. How does Dell benefit from an initiative that potentially puts a lot of pressure on our margins?
At the end of the day customers choose Dell in the enterprise for multiple reasons.  We’ve had customers interested in Open Compute tell us that they need Dell to be the company standing behind these servers because of all the things we do beyond the box – deployment capability, global reach, service offerings, and support.

How does our engagement in the Open Compute Project translate into specific product offerings?
The most obvious one is that our C-Series servers are fully compliant with the Open Compute systems management specification.  For end users that find this element of OCP attractive, we have solutions for them.

Which customers are these offerings targeted at? How do they benefit?
Based upon features and design points these are clearly targeted at hyperscale deployments, where servers are being deployed by the thousands.  Most traditional enterprise customers would find OPC offerings to be missing some key features.

Are there any synergies between Open Compute Project and software open source projects such as OpenStack and Hadoop?
To date there is nothing specific going on here. OpenStack and Hadoop can run well on a variety of hardware platforms.

Thank you very much, Drew.
You’re welcome, Rafael.


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