As I mentioned recently, Dell is promoting our FastPaaS solution based on CloudFoundry and we are looking for feedback from the user community. The requirements to participate in the program at this time are as follows:

  • United States Dell Cloud Accounts Only (trial not yet available in non-US data centers)
  • Prior Dell Cloud Account ; sign up for one here
  • 45 GB of available space in an unassigned public IP on your Dell Cloud account

To participate in the trial, please complete the following information at the registration page:

The registration page above requires you to enter information about your existing Dell Cloud account as the automated system will create a new VM within your Dell Cloud environment containing the FastPaaS trial so no download or setup is required.

After completing the registration, there is one more required step before the PaaS is deployed on your account. The screen below shows the information required for final setup. 

When submitting the "Sub domain name" please enter the "yoursubdomain" information only as "" is added by the tool on submission.

If you have any additional questions, please email them to or leverage our FastPaaS Forum on the Dell Cloud Community site in Dell TechCenter.