Dell is pleased to invite you to preview and experience our new Platform-as-a-Service offer – Fast PaaS. This new offer lets you create and manage an open source platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment. With Dell’s Fast PaaS, which is also delivered on secure Dell vCloud infrastructure, developers and IT managers can use an enhanced version of Cloud Foundry PaaS to quickly deploy applications to the cloud.

Features include:

  • Accelerates deployment from months to minutes
  • Eliminates complexity of deploying applications to the cloud
  • User-friendly interface and application development stack built on Cloud Foundry

Visit us today at to learn more and experience Fast PaaS at no obligation. TechCenter also has more information on this solution with a discussion forum dedicated to this topic.

At Dell, we continually strive to enhance our Cloud based offers based on new technology as well as customer feedback. Working with you gives us a deeper understanding of your cloud needs, as well as improvements to our offerings.

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