This post was authored by Saritha KG 

With Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge Servers that are Fresh Air Compliant, Dell enables customers to have cost effective choices in the cooling infrastructure in their data centers.

A Dell Fresh Air compliant system or configuration can tolerate up to 900 hours at 104 F (40 C) temperature per year and up to 90 hours at 113 F (45 C).

The latest to join the family of Dell Fresh Air Compliant Systems is the PowerEdge M1000e Chassis with the latest firmware version Chassis Management Controller (CMC) firmware 4.3.  Dell customers can avail the benefit of this feature by ordering a Fresh Air model chassis, however this feature cannot be enabled in field. Also, a ‘Fresh Air Compliant’ chassis does not necessarily imply that all the components (blades, switches, and so on) of the chassis are also fresh air compliant.

You can check the Fresh Air compliance of a M1000e chassis by logging into the CMC Web Interface or using Racadm Command Line Interface getsysinfo command. The message ‘PowerEdge M1000e Fresh Air’ is displayed if the chassis is Fresh Air compliant.

For more information on CMC Fresh Air Compliance feature, see the following: