This week’s OpenStack highlight: “CERN aims to ramp to 15k hosts with 100k to 300k VMs by 2015” presentation by Tim Bell at Swiss OpenStack User Group. You can view the presentation at Slideshare.

Enjoy reading the sixth issue of the Dell Open Source Ecosystem Digest, a collection of relevant technical content around OpenStack and Hadoop authored by Dell as well our partners and friends. Your feedback is appreciated greatly!

PS. I also invite you to read the first episode of my OpenStack Board of Director Talk Series which I launched yesterday. My first interviewee is Rob Hirschfeld, Principal Cloud Architect at Dell. I feel very happy about Rob’s thoughts on that interview, which he posted on his personal blog:

“This is not puff interview – We spent an hour together and Rafael did not shy away from asking hard questions like “Why did Dell jump into OpenStack?” and “is VMware a threat to OpenStack?”  [...] There is some real meat in these answers about OpenStack, Dell, Crowbar and challenges facing the project. WARNING: My job is engineering, not marketing. You may find my answers (which are MY OWN ANSWERS) to be more direct that you are expecting. If you find yourself needing additional circumlocution then simply close your browser and move on.”


Mirantis: “Webinar 12/12/12: Building out Storage as a Service with OpenStack Cloud” by David Fishman

Mirantis: “Using an orchestrator to improve Puppet-driven deployment of OpenStack” by Oleg Gelbukh

OpenStack Foundation: “1st Swiss OpenStack User Group”

OpenStack Foundation: “OpenStack at CERN” by Tim Bell at Swiss OpenStack User Group meeting

OpenStack Foundation: “Announcing OpenStack Day 15 December, Bangalore India”

OpenStack Foundation: “Vietnam OpenStack Community launch 30/9/2012 – report by Hang Tran”

OpenStack Foundation: “OpenStack Outreach Program for Women Accepting Candidates” by Stefano Maffulli

OpenStack Foundation: “OpenStack Nova, Glance, Keystone, Cinder, Quantum and Horizon 2012.2.1 released”

OpenStack Foundation: “What to expect from Grizzly-1 milestone” by Thierry Carrez

Piston Cloud: “A Letter from Jim Morrisroe” by Jim Morrisroe


Datameer: “Win $1000 in Datameer’s Analytic App Building Contest” by Rich Taylor

Pentaho: “Impala – A New Era for BI on Hadoop”


“OpenStack Board of Directors Talks: Episode 1 with Rob Hirschfeld, Principal Cloud Architect at Dell” by Rafael Knuth at Dell TechCenter

“Quickly and Easily Build Your Own Private Cloud with Dell and SUSE” by Tui Leauanae at Inside Enterprise IT

“Calling Developers - Dell Ubuntu Laptop Available” by Stephen Spector at Dell TechCenter

“Blast off! Sputnik launches as the Dell XPS 13 Laptop, Developer Edition” by Nnamdi Orakwue at Direct2Dell

“Sputnik Pricing Update” by Lionel Menchaca at Direct2Dell

“Seeking OpenStack Foundation Board Seat for 2013 (please nominate me)” by Rob Hirschfeld - Personal Blog:


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