DCB, iSCSI, and Hyper-V 3.0 on Windows Server 2012 and 12th Generation Dell PowerEdge Servers 

The following is posted on behalf of Brian Gautreau, Dell Global Solutions Engineer.

The data center is evolving and so too are the solutions that we build at Dell. The convergence of LAN and SAN into the same network is a significant shift in the data center and our customers are asking for guidance. These solutions are complex and require thoughtful design to deploy with confidence. The infrastructure supporting both the LAN and SAN must be robust and guarantee delivery of network traffic so that LAN does not starve SAN or vice versa. I’m Brian Gautreau, an Engineer in the Dell Global Solutions Engineering Team in Austin, TX USA. These are the problems that I and our Solutions Engineering team solve to enable our customers to deploy solutions faster and with more confidence.

I’ll discuss in the wiki below some background on converged networks and Data Center Bridging (DCB), some of the tools used for validation, and some features of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 used to solve convergence problems. Along with this background, examples of configurations used in switches and on servers are also included. Lastly, I touch on some of the hardware components that Dell solutions use to reliably deliver the converged fabric from end-to-end. As always, keep in mind that every data center and workload’s needs vary. If you are deploying a converged fabric, in-depth understanding of the environment must be taken into consideration and these factors must be included in any deployment.

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