OME Team,

It has been a pretty busy week with the release of the new version of OpenManage Essentials.  Be sure to look at this blog entry to get the scoop on all the great new features.

One new feature that a lot of people have asked for is the ability to support Dell’s business client machines.  So with OME 1.1, we’ve taken a small first step at this.  With our new release you can discover, inventory, monitor the health, and pull hardware logs for Dell Optiplex, Latitude, and Precision

OME retrieves client device hardware information using the WMI protocol and can do so with or without Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation (OMCI) being present on the remote device. OME requires OMCI to show the device health, hardware logs, and to perform specific operations on multiple devices using the generic command line task framework.

Discovery and device classification works without OMCI installed on the remote device.

We’ve written a whitepaper to go into all the details you need to know on this great new feature.  Be sure to download the OpenManage Client Devices Support whitepaper and give this great new feature a try.