Blog written by Lee Burnette (@Lee4Dell) from

As a tech fan, it's always exciting to await new releases of HDTV's, the latest smart phone and honestly, most any tech gadget peaks my interest. When I started hearing about the new line of Dell tablets that were in development, that excitement turned to an intense curiosity.

See, many of my friends and business associates had already jumped on the tablet train. There were more and more options coming out every month, yet it seemed to me that while we did have an initial line of tablet devices, Dell remained relatively quiet and low-key in this space. Until now.

With a brand new line of Dell tablets, Ultrabook, Ultrabook Convertibles and Touch All-in-Ones, I couldn't wait to get my hands on these devices to get an idea of whether or not we had hit the mark and are offering products that people will actually WANT and get excited about. Now just because I work for Dell doesn't mean I will promote everything we do as the best thing since the invention of microwave popcorn. I think to be truthful and open about anything in business will gain you more credibility over time. So I went to the internal Dell launch of these products with an open mind, yet slightly sceptical.