Today Canonical released Ubuntu Server 12.10, a.k.a. Quantal Quetzal. Some of the new features in Ubuntu 12.10 include a rebase to the 3.5.5 kernel, inclusion of the latest OpenStack release (“Folsom”) and support for UEFI Secure Boot. For details on all features, please refer to the Release Notes from Canonical.

For the official announcement, go here.

New features and fixes for Dell servers

Ubuntu Server 12.10 introduces several features and fixes for Dell PowerEdge servers:

  • Biosdevname is enabled by default: Now you can take advantage of the new naming scheme for network controllers.
  • UEFI booting on PowerEdge 12G servers: As reported in this blog, this blog and this blog, there was an issue when booting 12G servers in UEFI mode. This issue has been resolved with a patch to the grub2 package.
  • acpi_pad, sb_edac, i7core_edac and mei modules: We reported in this blog and this blog about existing issues with these kernel modules in Ubuntu 12.04. These bugs have been fixed in Ubuntu 12.10.

OpenManage support

The Dell Linux Engineering team has released a build of OpenManage 7.1 for Ubuntu. Please note that this build is not officially supported by Dell, however it was thoroughly tested with Ubuntu 12.04 without issues.

Where to get support

Ubuntu Server 12.10 is not factory-installed or officially supported by Dell. However, OS support contracts are available from your Dell sales representative or from Canonical through the Ubuntu Advantage program.

For questions and general discussion, you can write to our mailing list Linux-PowerEdge where Dell Linux engineers, support teams and thousands of customers discuss Linux issues on PowerEdge servers. We welcome your participation and feedback.