Hello there blogoverse! It's time for the Top Ten Reasons to Attend Dell Storage Forum Paris blog post! But wait, where have I been all this time? Well, I've been working on all new collateral, tech reports, videos and more goodies for our next version of VMware integration tools! So keep your eyes peeled because we are almost there!

In fact, one of the cool things about attending any of the Dell Storage Forums, whether in the US or overseas, is to see all the cool new integration packages before they are released! There was even a Dell Storage Forum in Australia! I need to see who I need to bribe to get invited to that one next time yeesh!

Ok so enough exclamation marks let's get to talking about why Dell Storage Forum Paris this year is going to be THE storage event to attend overseas.

When is it? Dell Storage Forum Paris is Nov 14-16 in the Marriott Rive Gauche in Paris France. You can find out more information here: http://www.dellstorageforum.com/

What is it? Dell Storage Forum, or DSF for the cool kids, is a conference for channel partners and customers of Dell Storage that comprises of deep dive technical discussions on best practices, what’s new, what's coming up, and basically how to better utilize your Dell Storage. Everything from networking topics to software integration to virtualization and more!

Who's going to be there?  Well me for one, and what other reason do you need? Ok seriously though, this isn't a fluff and sales conference, in fact we don't let those guys in! This conference is designed and led by technical experts from engineering and solutions to bring you deep dive topics on how to better take advantage of your current infrastructure and how to grow and expand your current capabilities.

So now, how do you get your boss to let you go? Well we have a cool letter to your boss located on the website and now I present to you the Top Ten Reasons to Attend Dell Storage Forum Paris Nov 14-16 2012!

#10 - You heard about how great DSF Boston was but weren't able to make it. Well here is your chance! We will be bringing some of the same material as well as new and updated material from the hugely successful DSF Boston to DSF Paris.

#9 - It’s in Paris!  I mean come on how cool is that.  I’ve never been so I’m wicked excited to go.  Plus the celebration event on Thursday is a boat ride and reception on the Siene river and you can even see the Eiffel tower all lit up and sparkly.

#8 - Instructor led training.  You can attend optional early instructor led training on configuration and management of EqualLogic or Compellent storage systems.  You’ve been saying for a while you want more training, so here it is!

#7 - The solutions expo.  Come meet all of our amazing partners and the rest of the Dell Enterprise team in the solutions expo and see how Dell and our partners can help you deliver the tools for whatever challenge you might have.

#6 - Talk to peers and colleagues and trade best practices and tips and tricks.  See what challenges they face and how they have overcome them and implement techniques that you hear about in your own environment.

#5 - The NDA sessions are not to be missed.  This is where we talk about the future of storage technology.  Some really cool stuff and I can’t wait to talk about *BLEEP* or how we are integrating *BLEEP* and some really cool demos and discussions.  Learn about the future of our storage lines and how they will fit into your datacenter.

***Cool picture deleted, come to the NDA sessions!***

#4 - Hands on Lab!!  Not only do you have the opportunity to learn all this great information at DSF but you can actually put these skills to use and learn even more at our hands on lab.  In fact, in Boston we had over 150 hours of EqualLogic hands on labs  completed!  That doesn’t even count Compellent, DX/DR or Powervault.  They are a great way to learn in a lab environment so that you can take these skills back with you.

#3 - Come attend some very technical sessions and panels presented by engineers and subject matter experts.  You’ll learn more about your storage in these sessions than you will all year!  From best practices and networking, to implementation and data protection there are some really great sessions.  Check out the agenda on the DSF webpage and you will see all the great content.  Kind of like “Local and remote protection and recovery for VMware virtual environments using Dell EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition” and “Essentials for deploying, integrating and scaling VMware vSphere with Dell EqualLogic”.  *hint hint shameless plug for my sessions*

#2 - Come have deep dive technical discussions with engineers and experts.  Come whiteboard your “what if I do this” or “how can I achieve this” and let us guide you on leveraging your equipment to its fullest.

#1 - And the number one reason to attend Dell Storage Forum Paris is the keynotes!!  We have got some amazing things to talk about and you can learn all about the strategic direction of Dell storage from Dell executive team.

So there we have it, the top ten reasons to come to Dell Storage Forum Paris!  Although I could come up with another 20 or so.

Can’t wait to see you so until then keep it virtual!

Au Revoir - See look at me learning French J  -Will

As always: I work for Dell as a Product Solutions Engineer in the Nashua Design Center working on VMware integration with the EqualLogic PS Series SAN products. The views and discussions on this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent my
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