This blog post was written by Dell engineers Barun Chaudhary 

As Microsoft ushers in a new operating system era, we will see cutting edge technologies introduced in Microsoft Windows Server 2012. This blog post provides a quick glimpse of the Windows Server 2012 readiness status of Dell’s Server portfolio. 

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 provides a wide spectrum of new features which should empower IT professionals.  A complete list of the new features in the beta release of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 can be found at the following links:

All current Dell PowerEdge Servers starting with our 9th generation through our newly available 12th generation servers have been thoroughly tested with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 pre-release builds and are expected to support this operating system when a full version is released. We have also tested the current OpenManage consoles with Server 2012 Beta and we've documented known issues. Full OpenManage support will only be available at the RTS of Windows Server 2012.

To help our customers adopt Microsoft Windows Server 2012 on Dell PowerEdge Servers, Dell engineering teams have performed extensive testing of the new OS features on our platforms and have come up with an exclusive Dell Early Adopter Guide for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 which we believe will provide a comprehensive understanding of Dell’s hardware and OpenManage support, recommended installation methods, and known issues. 


To see which Dell devices will be supported by Windows Server 2012 inbox drivers, please refer to:

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