So, Dell has been launching Wordpress widgets. You read that right. Yes, we’re in the widget business now. I’ll tell you why and what’s in it for IT pros.

 Find Cloud Computing and Virtualization News

I don’t have time to chase down tech news across dozens of websites and my RSS feed reader is starting to look like a link farm. That may be the case for you too. So, an easier way to get relevant content in a timely manner is, drumroll please, the content widget.

The goal of our widgets is to help bloggers and readers discover new content and better connect with the IT professional’s community. The first round of widgets are tailored to discover articles about cloud computing and virtualization. But upcoming widgets will pull content on security, healthcare IT, education and other topics.

In fact, we’re open to your suggestions on the type of content that we should be pulling in. Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment box or contact us on any of our install pages below.

News Widget’s Key Features

How the widget works:

  1. Its special crawler that goes to a pre-set list of cloud computing and virtualization blogs that are selected based on content quality.
  2. It then takes the title and a brief description of the latest articles written by that blog and populates the widget sitting on the installer’s website.
  3. Articles within the widget are then ranked based on a variety of social media factors to present only the best, freshest articles.

Bloggers can add any RSS feed they want into their own widget install. Another key feature is the blog roll auto import, which will take your own blog roll and add it into your widget. So, the widget is fully customizable widget and easy to understand and use.

Put It to Work For You

If you have a blog, it’s easy to install the Wordpress plugin.

Virtualization Wordpress install page

Cloud Computing Wordpress install page

Instructions on how to install or submit your blog for widget consideration

You could also pass this on to your favorite bloggers. You’ll still benefit from reading the feed on their site. We vet each of the content sources (CTR) that are used by the tool, so that readers get reliable, relevant content.

Good content has been increasingly important to Dell, so we’re getting good at finding it. We can share those discoveries with you through this tool. We are currently working on a widget version that can be used independent of any web platform. This will allow anyone that is not using Wordpress to easily install and use the widget on their own website.