Getting the most from technology requires an understanding of what solutions best support your business objectives. Regardless of industry or company size, one objective on the top of company’s priority lists is to drive down costs and there is a glaringly obvious expenditure that is constantly being reviewed – IT budgets. The problem with this is that while finance departments want this budget reduced, the need for more computational power, storage capacity, mobility, speed & collaboration grows ever larger. This is a conundrum indeed. How can we be expected to do more with less? In a lot of cases these finance guys don’t understand technology. If they did they would see that by investing relatively little in new technologies they can save a lot in the long run.

So how can we help them understand that different technology solutions can help drive out inefficiencies and reduce opex? Finance directors don’t want to hear about speeds and feeds. They don’t want to know about redundancy and backup windows. They don’t care about ISCSI or fiber channel. You might think that all they care about is how to save money. This is mostly true, but they can also understand that spending wisely delivers those savings in the long run. Dell recently launched the Technology Solutions Training Portal. This is a portal where businesses can come to learn about the different technology solutions that are shaping todays IT landscape. Cloud computing, virtualization, storage consolidation, mobility and systems management are some of the solutions areas covered in our 20 minute training modules.

 What are the industry drivers behind these technologies? What are the business benefits? What do the solutions consist of? What does Dell have to offer? These are the questions that are answered by the Dell Technology Solutions Training Portal. The modules are free to access and can be completed at a time that fits with a busy schedule. So rather than trying to explain the technical reasons for investing in a new storage consolidation solution, direct your business decision makers to the storage consolidation or Equallogic modules and let them see the business benefits for themselves. Remember, doing more with less is only possible when you know how.