Ubuntu Server 12.04 (a.k.a. Precise Pangolin) was released today by Canonical. Some of the new features in Ubuntu Server 12.04 include a rebase to the 3.2 kernel, inclusion of the latest OpenStack release and full support for Xen virtualization. For full details on these and other exciting features, please refer to the Release Notes from Canonical.

For the official announcement from Canonical, go here.

Hardware Certification

Ubuntu Server 12.04 introduces support for the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge and PowerEdge-C servers, including PCIe Express Flash SSD, a solid-state storage solution for outstanding IOPS performance.

In addition, the Dell Linux engineering team is working with Canonical to re-certify Dell PowerEdge and PowerEdge-C servers that had been previously certified with older releases of Ubuntu Server. Re-certification efforts are under way, so be sure to visit the Canonical hardware certification site for latest updates.

Where to Get Support

Ubuntu Server 12.04 is an LTS (Long Tem Support) release, which has a 5-year support life from Canonical, as opposed to 18 months for standard releases. Customers looking to deploy Ubuntu Server on their data centers should look at LTS releases. For details on LTS support details, see here.

Ubuntu Server 12.04 is not factory-installed or officially supported by Dell. However, OS support contracts are available from Canonical through the Ubuntu Advantage program. Certified Dell hardware is preferred in order to provide best support, but it is not required.

Dell OpenManage Support

The Dell Linux Engineering team will soon release a build of OpenManage 7.0 for Ubuntu Server 12.04. Please stay tuned for a future announcement on these forums.