This post was written by James Meeker, Global Product Marketing Manager - vStart

Many users are faced with the challenge of scaling out their virtualized data center infrastructure. Our approach of providing virtualization building blocks called vStarts, is an innovative way to quickly stand up a virtualized infrastructure. We recently outlined common networking scenarios for linking together multiple vStarts (whether vStart 50, 100 or 200) and expanding these solutions. We focused on three network aggregation and connectivity design options that are commonly found in many data centers, not just vStarts. 

The first option is to grow server and storage resources within an existing vStart rack by utilizing available network ports in the Top of Rack (TOR) LAN and SAN switches. With this option you can start with your existing vStart 100 and grow it into a larger vStart 200 as business needs demand. Thus you can gain additional financial, operational and technical benefits by leveraging your initial investment in the vStart 100 solution when it comes time to scale out your infrastructure.


The second option is to connect one or more vStart pods into an existing infrastructure utilizing TOR switches. This option describes how you can grow your virtualized infrastructure by connecting a vStart 50 or 100 into an existing vStart 200 TOR switch infrastructure. If the TOR option is used, then a VStart 50 and vStart 100 can be added to an existing vStart 200 without requiring additional LAN or SAN switches. 

The third option connects one or more vStart Solution racks into an End of Rack (EOR) distribution or aggregation switch. This option enables customers to connect more than one vStart 50, 100 or 200 into an EOR Switch mode (EOR Mode). The TOR or aggregation switches can then be connected into your core network depending upon a number of requirements.


Please refer to vStart Connectivity & Expansion Model whitepaper for the complete network connectivity options and reference designs, and a brief summary about the pre-engineered, pre-built vStart Solution.