has undergone some major changes over the past 6 months including the launch of our new website on a new platform. This change has delivered to our community a more streamlined website that helps our users find the technical information they are looking for faster due to a more efficient layout and navigation structure.

Dell TechCenter has seen significant growth year over year, for a number of years now. While much of this growth is attributed to the technical content that is consistently added to the site, a large part of our growth is due to the community aspect of our site. Users makes posts and ask questions that other users or members of the DTC crew answer and it reinforces the fact that if you are a Dell customer running Dell gear, you have a place to find many of the technical answers you are looking for.

To develop the sense of community even more, we occasionaly have user group events similar to the one we put on in Las Vegas at VMworld last year. We are doing this again later this month right here in Austin, Texas.