This blog post was written by Rob Cox of the Dell OpenManage team and Peter Tsai. 

Of course you know that OpenManage Essentials is the best tool for monitoring all of your Dell Enterprise hardware.   All of the SNMP traps for PowerEdge, PowerVault, PowerConnect, and Dell Printers are all defined in OME.  So when a trap event comes in, it is nicely formatted and you can either email a notification or set up an alert ‘action’.  
One of the feature requests often raised by customers in the OME forum is for the ability to monitor hardware alerts from non-Dell devices.  This is also a feature we have wanted to address for a long time.  Today we are happy to post the Dell OpenManage Essentials MIB (Management Information Base) Import utility.  
This new release is a standalone tool you install on your OME server.  After a quick install, you can point to your MIB, say a third-party switch or server, and import the alert definitions to OME.  Once you have done this, point your device SNMP traps to the OME server and they will start to show up in Alert console.  This also means that using the tool, you can set up email and forwarding rules for alerts on devices from non-Dell hardware.

We've created step-by-step instructions for using this new utility to make your life easier.  The recently published whitepaper, Dell OpenManage Essentials MIB Import Utility - Monitoring Force-10 Switches walks you through the process of using the OME MIB Import utility and OME together to monitor Force-10 devices.

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