The success of any online community is highly dependent on a seemingly small, yet invaluable group of loyal members; sometimes referred to as the top 1%.  They are typically independent experts and enthusiasts for their community that solve technical issues and help others get the most from their products and solutions.  Properly rewarding and recognizing those amazing contributions is the responsibility of the team behind the community – and that’s exactly what we aim to do.

You may have noticed, we made a major platform and interface update this past November to In an effort to continue to take the community to the next level, we are proud to officially announce TechCenter is joining the Dell Community Rockstar program with TechCenter - Rockstars.   

Here’s some of the details behind the TechCenter specific Rockstar offering:

What it means to be a Dell Rockstar – TechCenter

As a recognized Dell Rockstar – TechCenter, participants will receive a number of benefits during the program year, including:


  • A program badge on your TechCenter Forum profile and share across the Web
  • Listing on the Dell Community and TechCenter Rockstar pages.

Exclusive Privileges like:  

  • Monthly update from Dell TechCenter on hot issues, support updates, and product news.
  • Access to private forums for connecting with Dell and each other
  • Quarterly meetings with groups across Dell, support, product development, marketing.
  • Membership in TechCenter Program Advisory Council
  • 1st pass invitation into beta-programs

Membership will be awarded annually based on activities in Dell TechCenter Community, including active involvement in forums, chats, and  user group events, and content contributions to blogs, articles, videos, and chats or other activities that encourage quality interactions, sharing tips and tricks, providing leadership, and more during the previous calendar year.

How to Become a Dell Rockstar – TechCenter
Potential Dell Rockstars- Techcenter are either self-nominated or by other community members, current and former Rockstars, Dell staff and key Dell partners The nominations will be reviewed by the Dell Techcenter teams and awarded based on objective and subjective criterion, including:

  • High Quality Participation on a regular basis and in multiple channels
  • Community impact
  • Expertise
  • Leadership

Dell TechCenter Rockstars is open to customers, partners and Dell employee’s alike.  I look forward to seeing your name in lights soon!  Have a question or suggestion for how we can improve this program?  Please feel free to post on this blog, or message me through the community or twitter: @jeffsullivan.