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Dell PowerEdge R720xd with PERC H710P: A Powerful Compute and Storage Building Block for Exchange 2010 Solutions


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Dell PowerEdge R720xd with PERC H710P: A Powerful Compute and Storage Building Block for Exchange 2010 Solutions

Posted on behalf of Varun Kulkarni and Faisal Ahmed of Global Solutions Engineering.

Dell recently unveiled the PowerEdge R720xd, one of the newly released 12th generation rack-mount server systems. The R720xd’s internal storage options provide a level of density that previously required a standalone server and external Direct Attached Storage (DAS). It has the potential to eliminate the need for DAS, which in turn can save valuable rack space and lower power, cooling, and associated costs.

Dell PowerEdge R720xd

The H710P is the new storage controller of the PERC 8 family with an improved processor, memory, firmware, and driver support. When configured with the H710P, the R720xd is a densely integrated server and storage building block that is ideal for building power-efficient and balanced solutions for enterprise messaging. Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 running on the new Dell PowerEdge R720xd rack server provides a flexible and scalable messaging platform for more Exchange mailboxes than a comparable solution based on R510.

The Global Solutions Engineering team at Dell Inc. performed an extensive study on performance of Exchange 2010 on R720xd with PERC H710P versus a PowerEdge R510 with PERC H700 with multiple RAID configurations. This technical white paper is now published online. The white paper also presents a sample reference configuration for up to 7,500 users with a heavy I/O profile (~150 messages /day / mailbox).

Microsoft Jetstress 2010 was used to simulate Exchange input/output workload. The R720xd showed impressive performance in terms of Input / Output Operations per Second (IOPS) achieved for multiple RAID configurations. The results provided proof points for R720xd as a premiere storage-dense server building block for Exchange solutions.

More information on energy efficient performance of R720xd is published online in a technical whitepaper.

For more reading, refer to Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 on Dell server systems - A Generational Comparison and this blog's accompanying white paper PowerEdge R720xd with PERC H710P: A Balanced Exchange Configuration.


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