Consolidate your Oracle RDBMS Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) workloads running on a legacy server in a SAN environment onto Dell’s latest 12th generation R720XD PowerEdge server equipped with Intel’s latest SandyBridge processor. As seen in the figure below, our in-lab standard TPC-C like benchmarking results show that one Dell PowerEdge R720XD storage server populated with one eight core SandyBridge processor and twenty four (24) 15K SAS Data HDDs can consolidate an entire database SAN infrastructure consisting of - one fully populated Dell PowerEdge 2950 III + two Fiber Channel (FC) switches + one Dell|EMC CX3-80 storage array + three CX3-80 DAE3Ps.



One R720XD server compared to the above legacy SAN infrastructure, not only dramatically consolidates your infrastructure, but delivers:

  • 86% Savings on rack space (2U vs. 15U)
  • approx. 87% Less Power Consumption
  • approx. 6% More User load
  • approx. 3% More Transactions Per Second (TPS)
  • approx. 20% More Total IOPS

Upon further testing, replacing four 15K SAS HDDs with two SSDs showed a significant performance increase by achieving:

  • approx. 23% More User load
  • approx. 24% More Transactions Per Second (TPS)
  • approx. 86% More Total IOPS
  • approx. 87% Better Average Response Time

NOTE: The provided results are intended only for comparison of the two environments consisting of specific configurations in a lab environment. The results do not portray the maximum capabilities of any system, database software, or storage.


To conclude, the benchmarking results show that by consolidating your OLTP workloads onto the latest R720XD PowerEdge servers, one can not only achieve significantly better performance, but can also reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) in terms of manageability, rack space, and power and cooling.


For more details on the configurations, testing methodologies, performance comparisons, and results, refer to the technical whitepaper here.

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