This blog post was originally written by Kailash Chander & Michael Schroeder

With the recent announcement of Windows Server 8 Beta, we are happy to reveal the current state of driver support for Dell servers to help make your experience better.

Dell has been working with Microsoft for over a year to bring you the best possible experience on Dell hardware. As a part of this effort we’ve worked with internal Dell teams and vendors / partners to submit drivers to Microsoft for inclusion in the Windows media. As a result, this Microsoft release has the majority of our device drivers in the Windows media “inbox”.

Having a driver inbox reduces the need to download drivers manually from Dell’s website, which saves you time and making support tasks easier.  Looking forward, future Windows Server 8 releases should incorporate additional / updated inbox drivers for our devices. However, as a disclaimer, because this is a pre-release product, Microsoft or a particular vendor may alter the features or types of hardware supported before the final Microsoft release.  

In addition to our newer 12th Generation & 11th Generation servers, this Microsoft Beta release of Windows Server 8 has been installed successfully on 9th and 10th Generation PowerEdge Servers (i.e. PE1950, PE2900, PE2950, etc.) 

Follow the links below to see which Dell devices are supported natively by the Windows Server 8 beta. 

The links above will be updated as subsequent releases of Windows Server 8 are released.  As always, Dell will provide updated Windows Server 8 drivers on as they become available (usually shortly before or after a final Microsoft operating system release).