Last week on Direct2Dell, I posted an overview of the Dell Boomi Application Integration solution allowing existing legacy applications to seamlessly integrate with state of the art SaaS solutions via an easy to use drag and drop wizard. In this post, I want to dig a bit deeper into the Dell Boomi solution to better detail how it works and why you should select it.

Why Dell Boomi?

Many customers first consider using custom code, an appliance, or a cloud edition as a solution to the integration issue. The following charts detail why Dell Boomi is a superior option to those choices:

Custom Code vs. Dell Boomi

Appliance vs. Dell Boomi

Cloud Edition vs. Dell Boomi

How Dell Boomi works?

The solution process for Dell Boomi follows three steps:


The Dell Boomi wizard allows customers to easily connect items from the legacy and SaaS solutions using a visual tool. The tool auto-generates up to 80% of mappings and leverages thousands of live data maps available in the Dell Boomi community to reduce integration setup time as well ensure your solution tracks to previously deployed solutions.

In a future Dell TechCenter blog post, I will review the various deployment methodologies for Dell Boomi.

Boomi Community

A strong feature of the Dell Boomi solution is the fast growing and evolving online community for customers. The community contains the following resources:

  • Open Platform – Free Connector SDK
  • Community Supported Connectors – 100+ application connectors available
  • Large Integration Partner Ecosystem
  • Customer Feedback Drives Development – 25% of enhancements requests are in product
  • Boomi Suggest  - 2,000,000 mapping pairs indexed; 16,000+ functions indexed

For more information on Boomi select from these options: