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OpenManage Essentials 1.0.1 Available for Download - New Features and Tutorials


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OpenManage Essentials 1.0.1 Available for Download - New Features and Tutorials

This post was written by Rob Cox, Senior Engineering Manager, Dell OpenManage Essentials team

OME Team,

I want to start with a note of thanks to all of you who have downloaded the OME 1.0 Open Evaluation over the last 3 months.  Lots of folks have been kind enough to give it a spin and post questions and feedback on DellTechCenter.

We have gotten a tremendous amount of positive feedback from you -- new feature requests, things we needed to make easier or clarify, and a few things we need to fix.  I’ve pushed all of this information from the community to the engineering and marketing teams at Dell.  We’ve done our best to include as many improvements from feedback as we could into OpenManage Essentials 1.0.1 and some of it we have put on the backlog to consider in a subsequent release.

For those who are new to OME, please use the Dell TechCenter OpenMange Essentials page as the main source of information on the product.  We’ll keep it updated with new information,  white papers, videos and tips.  With the OME 1.0.1 refresh, we will be posting new whitepapers, videos, and updates of several that we had already published.  If you have been using the Open Evaluation (Build 30), you can install 1.0.1 on top of that and it will upgrade.

There are a few incremental changes between OME 1.0 and OME 1.0.1.  Here is a short list of things to look for:

  • Agent-free monitoring support for 12G servers
  • Addition of Sample tasks:
    • Power On Device
    • OMSA Upgrade for Windows
    • Generic command line tasks
    • Remote Server Administrator command
    • IPMI commands
    • Clear System Event Logs (aka SEL logs)
    • RACADM reset
  • New Reports:
    • Modular Enclosure
    • Server Overview
  • New Tutorials:
    • Discover and Monitor 12G servers without OMSA
    • Linux configuration for SNMP and OMSA
    • SNMP configuration using Group Policies
  • Enhanced inventory to display battery information for storage controllers
  •  Ability to launch Warranty renewal web site from Warranty report
  •  Silverlight 5 support
  • Firefox support
  • Performance and scalability improvements
  • Refreshed User Interface.
  • Configuration options for email setup.


Again, thanks for all of the feedback.  Please continue to post on the forum keep that feedback coming. We also have a chat on 2/28 at 3PM US Central time if you want to interact with us directly.



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