The Dell XPS 13 ultrabook is generating buzz in the business world in addition to the consumer world (click here to order an XPS 13).  This is not surprising as IT professionals in the Dell TechCenter community are always looking for new technology that will help their users do their jobs more effectively.  The XPS 13 also has the following features that are specifically for the business customers:

  • TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for security
  • Custom Factory Integration (CFI) for provisioning a customer image in the factory
  • Dell ProSupport Services

For a complete run-down of the XPS 13 features check out Susan Beebe's Direct2Dell blog.

There are many ways that business customers can leverage the XPS 13 in their environment.  Some are looking for it to be a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option, while others, that are well invested in deploying and managing Windows, will choose to fully incorporate it into their environment.  I've spoken with many customers that are familiar with the deployment and management options that are available with the Dell Enterprise class Dell systems (Latitude, Optiplex, and Precision) and want to know what capabilites are there for the XPS 13. 

To help with these questions, I sat down with Chris Minaugh from Dell IT to discuss how Dell is deploying the XPS 13 internally.  That discussion is captured in the short video below.

Leave a comment with your plans to use the XPS 13 in your enterprise or jump to the Dell TechCenter forums to continue the discussion with other IT pros!