Mark Spowart, CEO of Zadara Storage and I recently conducted an audio interview discussing his companies soon to be released Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA™).  VPSA is an iSCSI storage array in the cloud, connected to your Cloud servers. Each VPSA has dual controllers (HA), dedicated drives and your choice of SSD, SAS or SATA drives. You can manage the VPSA in the same way you manage your SAN array in your own datacenter.

For a quick overview of Zadara Storage, check out this short overview video.

TIME                          QUESTION

0.0                             Introduction of Mark Spowart and Zadara Storage
1.50                           How does VPSA solve risk aversion for enterprises?
3.36                           Product availability
4.15                           Where would I find the product for purchase?
4.57                           Can I run this privately and in hybrid model?
5.53                           Talk about the Cloudbeat Innovation Showdown Award?
7.25                           Any events upcoming Zadara will be at?

The complete 9 minute audio interview: